23-Year-Old Arrested in Nakhon For Illegal Cannabis and Kratom Trade

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  • Why It Matters: The arrest demonstrates Thai authorities’ ongoing enforcement of laws against illicit drug trade, including cannabis and kratom.
  • The Big Picture: While some jurisdictions are easing cannabis enforcement, illegal trade and misuse remains a concern in Thailand.
  • What To Watch: This could add to the ongoing debate around the potential legalization and control of traditionally used substances like cannabis and kratom.

NAKHON, THAILAND – The Province Administration office of Nakhon has arrested a 23-year-old man suspected of illegally trading in a potent combination of cannabis, kratom concoction, and other dangerous drugs. The substances were allegedly used as ingredients in a traditional herbal drink known as ‘4×100,’ according to the report by Chiangmai News.

The arrest operation, conducted on March 29, was led by Chaiyong Wongyai, Nakhon’s Governor. The effort was a joint operation, including Nakhon’s provincial administrative organization, local police, and public health officials.

The authorities were acting on complaints from local residents about the sale of kratom concoctions mixed with dry cannabis at a noisy parlour causing a nuisance in the area. The suspect, a resident of the Chaiyastha district in Nakhon province, was nabbed with substantial evidence of his illicit activities.

Officers seized various items from the suspect, including over 3,000 grams of dry cannabis, five dried cannabis plants, a stainless pot filled with kratom concoction, and various types of over-the-counter and prescription drugs.

The accused faces multiple charges, including the illegal production and sale of food containing prohibited substances, unauthorized sale of traditional medicines and modern drugs, and causing public disturbances.

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