Thailand Cannabis FAQ


Is marijuana legal in Thailand? The short answer is that Thailand legalized the medicinal use of cannabis, including marijuana, in 2019. The longer is that it is complicated. In June of 2022, Thailand removed nearly all restrictions on the cannabis plant for possession, use, and growing. The only exception to this is that extracts with … Read more

History of Marijuana in Thailand


While most discussion of cannabis in Thailand is focused on the recent legal changes, the history of marijuana in Thailand goes back much farther. Researchers believe that hemp may have been one of the first plants to be regularly cultivated by early civilizations. There is evidence indicating that cannabis may have been cultivated in Japan … Read more

Dictionary of Cannabis Terms


Adult-Use The same as recreational use. Refers to the use of cannabis products without medically qualifying reasons. Atomizer The heating element in a vape pen which produces the vapor. Blunt A cigar that has been hollowed out and filled with marijuana. Bong A water pipe used to smoke cannabis. The marijuana is placed in a … Read more

CBD in Thailand: How to Use CBD in Thailand Responsibly


When the Thai government legalized medical cannabis, they made an effort to focus their energies on cannabidiol, popularly known as CBD, rather than traditional marijuana. Officials wanted to promote CBD in Thailand as a true medicinal tool rather than as a party or recreational drug. This article will give you a comprehensive overview of CBD, … Read more

Thailand Marijuana Resources


We’ve compiled a list of resources you may wish to consult in researching marijuana/cannabis use in Thailand. These are websites/resources we have found useful in doing our own research and wanted to make them available to our users. Thai Marijuana Resources (websites/research reports/data) Site Language(s) Description Cannabis Catalysts English A European consulting firm focusing on … Read more

Rangsit University Opens ‘Ganja Studies Department’


Rangsit University has announced that they will be adding a new undergraduate program called, “Ganja Studies Department.” Rangsit University will play an interesting role as Thailand opens up to legalization of cannabis. While marijuana was once a integral part of Thai traditional medicine and marijuana once flourished in the country, several decades of crackdowns on … Read more