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Thai Weed Price Tracker: Weed Prices in Thailand

Weekly average prices based on previous 30-days of all cannabis strains tracked by Thai Weed Price Tracker. Data is current as of 30-May-2024

The Thai Weed Price Tracker samples pricing data from cannabis dispensaries throughout Thailand. It tracks the pricing data for the Thai cannabis market.

How Much Does a Gram of Weed Cost in Thailand?

Based on our analysis, the average price per gram of cannabis in Thailand has been ฿498 over the 738 days since cannabis has been legal in the kingdom.

The average price of cannabis in Thailand in the last month has been ฿431.

We currently track 95 dispensaries and have collected 21103 prices for 2540 cannabis strains.

Strain Price Checker

Strain Price Checker

Search for prices on your favorite cannabis strains.

Type in the name of a strain and the Strain Price Checker will show prices for the last 30-days.

Sample of Strain Price Checker results

Cannabis Dispensaries Ranked By Average Price Per Gram

The average price is the average of all cannabis strains offered by a dispensary in the last 30-days.

The number of prices reflects the number of prices recorded. The higher the number, the greater the likelihood that they has better pricing.

Dispensary Average Price # of Prices ฿162 13
Green Bank ฿314 9
Harweed Moon ฿329 14
BKKBuds ฿355 6
Ganjaburi ฿363 8
Fat Buds ฿395 43
Dr. Green ฿489 9
World Wide Weed ฿489 16
Highland Cafe ฿538 8
Thai Top Shelf ฿722 9

Average price is calculated by averaging all prices on all cannabis strains being offered by a dispensary over the last 30 days. The greater the number of prices recorded, the higher the likelihood that the dispensary has better pricing overall.

Most Popular Cannabis Strains in Thailand

Most Popular is a measure of which strains have received the most price reports in the Thai Weed Price database. They are the strains most likely to in stock at any dispensary.

Strain Avg Price/Gram

“Most Popular” is only an indication of which strains have received the most price reports in the Thai Weed Price Tracker database. It is not a claim as to the popularity with consumers nor is it meant to imply that these are the most sold or purchased cannabis strains. 

Least Expensive Cannabis Strains in Thailand

Strain Avg Price/Gram

Most Expensive Cannabis Strains in Thailand

Strain Avg Price/Gram

How We Sample Weed Prices Across Thailand

This is how many dispensaries we track and in where they are located.

Thai Weed Price Tracker takes pricing data from 95 cannabis dispensaries from around Thailand.

These are prices advertised to the public for purchasing 1 gram of a specific strain. Dispensaries that do not offer purchases of 1 gram are not included in our data.

Region Number of Dispensaries
Bangkok 50 (53%)
Phuket 12 (13%)
Online Only 9 (9%)
Pattaya 8 (8%)
Chiang Mai 7 (7%)
Chiang Rai 2 (2%)
Samui 1 (1%)
Khon Kaen 1 (1%)
Nonthaburi 1 (1%)
Buri Ram 1 (1%)
Pathum Thani 1 (1%)
Hat Yai 1 (1%)
Udon Thani 1 (1%)

How Does The Price of Weed In Thailand Compare To The US?

According to Statista, the price per gram of marijuana in the US ranges from $8.50 in Phoenix to $15.90 in Boston.

At today’s exchange rate of 37.27 baht to the dollar that puts the US price range for marijuana at 317 baht – 593 baht.

Is the Quality of Thai Weed Comparable to US Weed?

The vast majority of cannabis sold in Thailand has foreign genetics. That means that Thai growers are importing seeds from US and European seed banks.

You can find many of your favorite strains like Do Si Dos, OG Kush, and Purple Punch here in Thailand.

Currently, it doesn’t seem that Thai growers have perfected their growing techniques. They may be harvesting too early or too late. They may have difficulty keeping humidity within acceptable ranges during drying and curing.

But they are improving rapidly.

The quality is good enough that most casual users can’t tell the difference in a mid-grade bud. Of course, weed aficionados would have a different take.

Comparing weed prices in the US against weed prices in Thailand isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison.

And the lower end, Thai weed tends to be much worse that the lower end of US weed.

The quality of Thai brick weed is more like what what cannabis users in the US saw back in the 1970s and 1980s.

Thai brick weed can sell for 10 – 50 baht ($0.27 – $1.34) a gram but in the US it’s unlikely that quality could be sold in a dispensary.

How Is This Information Useful To Cannabis Buyers in Thailand?

The price of weed in Thailand can be all over the place. At one dispensary a specific strain might sell for 350 baht. Right across the street another dispensary might sell the same strain for 900 baht.

How can someone tell whether the 350 baht price is suspiciously low or if the 900 baht price is a ripoff?

Without any data, you can’t.

The Thai Weed Price Tracker is inspired by r/CannabisThailand users on Reddit.

Many tourists coming to Thailand, and even locals who are new to cannabis, want to know what a “good price” is.

There’s no such thing as a single “good price” that is good for every strain.

Bottom grade brick weed and an organically grown exotic-strain are not going to have similar prices. And they’re not supposed to anymore than a hamburger and a steak should have similar prices.

Yet, knowing what other dispensaries are charging is useful knowledge for buyers (and sellers).

If a buyer has a tool like the Thai Weed Price Tracker they can see prices from several vendors. They don’t have to guess what a good price should be because they can see the market price for themselves.

The system highlights marijuana sellers that charge prices within an acceptable price range.

Why Are Cannabis Prices in Thailand So Different?

A large part of the marijuana market in Thailand is aimed at foreigners and tourists.

If one looks at where most dispensaries located, it’s in places like tourist areas of Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, etc.

In fact, many people living in rural parts of Thailand, where the weed is actually being grown, complain about the lack of dispensaries near them.

It’s not difficult to see that tourist areas have higher overhead than other areas. Rent, labor, and the overall cost of living is often higher in tourist areas.

But, prices are also higher because some marijuana clinics know that tourists are less price concious than locals. They feel they can get away with charging higher prices by selling to a less informed customer.

What Factors Impact the Price of Weed in Thailand?

There are many variables in the cost of cannabis. Here are some of the main factors that impact the price paid by the consumer.


Although importing cannabis into Thailand is currently illegal, many people are doing it. And dispensaries often tout their products as imported from California or Canada.

While it might seem like imported weed would be more costly, it is often cheaper than locally grown weed.

Why it’s cheaper to get imported weed than locally grown weed is a topic for much debate. Most theories revolve around:

  • Growers overcharging dispensaries for their products.
  • Growers not being as efficient, making their production costs higher
  • Foreign exporters selling at or below cost for overproduced product

Type of Grow

Indoor grown weed costs more to produce than outdoor grown weed. Lighting and indoor space cost more. Indoor growers often have strict climate controls for temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels. Those are all costs that are eventually reflected in the end price.

Indoor grown weed is also generally seen as being of higher quality than outdoor grown weed. This is mostly due to the fact that indoor grows can optimize as many growing varaibles as possible. Outdoor grown weed is at the mercy of the elements.

Growth Medium

Growers can grow in soil with chemicals, organic soil, in coco coir, or hydroponics.

Each growth type has its pros and cons. For instance true cannabis connoisseurs prefer cannabis grown in organic soil. It produces better flavors and is generally seen as higher quality.

Hydroponics create the fastest growth and this method produces higher yields per plant. But some experts say that the plants lose some flavor in pursuit of yield.

Product Quality

As was just covered, hydroponics produce greater yields at the sacrifice of taste.

The higher the quality of the product, the higher the cost to dispensaries and consumers.

Light, airy buds with a delightful aroma will sell for more than buds that dried too quickly and have less smell.

Type of Strain

Some strains are easier to grow than others, especially in Thailand where it often hot and humid most of the year.

Certain strains are known for producing certain types of highs or addressing specific medical needs.

Strains have a THC content range and, generally, people pay more for higher THC levels.

Dispensary Markups

Every dispensary has to mark up the price of the product they receive from growers to stay in business.

Typically, the markup is 80% – 100% of the wholesale price.

After the dispensary’s costs are factored in, the profit margin ends up being around 30%.

Size of Order

The size of order applies both to how much the dispensary buys and how much the customer buys.

A dispensary buying in 1kg lots from a grower will receive much better pricing than a dispensary that only buys 100g at a time.

Likewise, many dispensaries have a per gram price and a lower price if the customer buys an eighth (3.5g) or a quarter (7g).


Weed sold in places with a large number of tourists generally costs more than places with less tourists.

Also, when you see a large dispensary with lots of neon lights and a beautiful design, in a convienient location, someone has to pay for that. That person is the customer.

Though, a dispensary that sees lots of foot traffic and sales can often cut their markups and profit margins due to their sales volume.

Unsurprisingly, online dispensaries have the lowest overhead and often have the cheapest prices.

Product Format

Joints cost more to produce than buds. Someone or something has to grind up the weed and roll it up into a joint.

Supply and Demand

This is often the core factor. If the growers produce too much product they’ll sell it cheaply to get rid of it. If they underproduce, dispensaries will pay more to make sure they have enough supply for their customers.

How To Make Sure You Get a Good Price on Weed in Thailand

The easiest way is to look at any price a dispensary is offering and type that strain into the Thai Weed Price Tracker.

From there, you’ll see what other dispensaries are charging for that same strain.

You can compare prices and determine whether you’re receiving a fair price.

Which Dispensaries Have the Lowest Weed Prices?

Generally, but not always, online dispensaries tend to have lower prices.

An online dispensary not only has to compete with other dispensaries in their area but all other online dispensaries.

And online dispensaries have much lower overhead than storefront dispensaries.

But it is important to keep in mind that online dispensaries often don’t offer the same level of service.

You probably won’t find an online budtender who will help you select the right strain for you. That is usually something you will only find at a dispensary that you can visit in person.

If an online dispensary sends you a bad product or if they take off with your money, there isn’t much you can do.

You could file a police report but nothing may come of it.

As they say in economics, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” You pay a premium at storefronts but you know what you’re buying and the level of customer support is generally higher.

You have to pick the one that offers whatever is best for you.

Online dispensaries are usually a better pick when either they have an outstanding reputation or you’re local. Having a good reputation is something earned so it lowers the risk of bad product or fraud. And locals can try a dispensary out and place smaller orders before risking money on a large order.

Can Tourists Order Marijuana From Online Dispensaries in Thailand?

The short answer is, it depends.

Yes, anyone can order from an online dispensary. There are no laws saying who and who cannot buy marijuana in Thailand.

But, many online dispensaries only accept a limited number of payment options.

The norm for most locals is to order and pay via online bank transfer.

Since one needs a Thai bank account to do a bank transfer, that narrows down the options available to a tourist.

Though some dispensaries do accept Cash on Delivery (COD), crypto, and even credit cards. You’ll need to ask each dispensary about what payment methods they accept.

The prices listed on Thai Weed Price Tracker are not an offer to buy or sell cannabis. The data merely is intended to inform buyers and sellers of cannabis as to the current market prices.