Thai Weed Price Tracker: Weed Prices in Thailand

Weekly average prices of all cannabis strains tracked by Thai Weed Price Tracker. Data is current as of 30-Sep-2022

thailandTHC believes that the best markets are markets where buys and sellers are aware of as much market data as possible. Thai Weed Price Tracker brings valuable data to buyers and sellers so everyone can make an educated decision on their pricing and purchases.

The Thai Weed Price Tracker is inspired by r/CannabisThailand users on Reddit who frequently ask what a “good” price on cannabis should be. And while there may not be a single price that represents what a good price for cannabis should be, this tool will hopefully get people in the ballpark so they know what average prices are and they can make more informed decisions.

The Thai Weed Price Tracker also assists dispensaries and wholesalers by exposing them to prices across Thailand. This helps them make better pricing decisions that are aligned with the market.

Better informed consumers along with dispensaries that have insight into where the market is in their region or online is what an efficient marketplace needs.

Based on our analysis, the average price per gram of cannabis in Thailand has been ฿644 over the 114 days since cannabis has been legal in the kingdom.

The average price of cannabis in Thailand in the last month has been ฿653 and ฿735 over the last week.

Strain Price Checker

Type in the name of a cannabis strain, click “Get Prices”, and Thai Weed Price Tracker will display the most recent prices over the last 30-days from its analysis of 1766 prices from 69 cannabis dispensaries (example below).


Pricing information for a particular cannabis strain in Thai Weed Price Tracker’s database of 653 strains may be older than 30-days and if that is the case, unfortunately, you will see no recent prices as we only show current data.

Dispensaries Ranked By Average Price

Dispensary Average Price # of Prices
High Flower 332 10
Green Bank 335 6
Harweed Moon 362 43
JSJS 393 8
Dudebong 443 20
Stoner Paradise 511 23
Cannabangka 524 27
Stoned Trooper 530 28
Deep Green 541 14
Club56 561 48

Average price is calculated by averaging all prices on all cannabis strains being offered by a dispensary over the last 30 days. The greater the number of prices recorded, the higher the likelihood that the dispensary has better pricing overall.

Most Popular* Cannabis Strains in Thailand

Strain Avg Price/Gram

“Most Popular” is only an indication of which strains have received the most price reports in the Thai Weed Price Tracker database. It is not a claim as to the popularity with consumers nor is it meant to imply that these are the most sold or purchased cannabis strains. 

Most Expensive Cannabis Strains in Thailand

Strain Avg Price/Gram

Least Expensive Cannabis Strains in Thailand

Strain Avg Price/Gram

How We Sample Prices Across Thailand

Region Number of Dispensaries
Bangkok 38 (55%)
Phuket 9 (13%)
Online Only 8 (12%)
Pattaya 7 (10%)
Chiang Mai 4 (6%)
Chiang Rai 1 (1%)
Samui 1 (1%)
Khon Kaen 1 (1%)

Add a Weed Price to the Thai Weed Price Tracker

While we use many different data sources, more data means more accurate reporting so we rely on users helping keep the database of price information as relevant as possible.

If you would like to contribute a price to the Thai Weed Price Tracker, please send us the details using the submission form below (we would really appreciate it and you would be helping the entire cannabis community).

Please make sure to fill in all of the required fields. If you’re uploading a menu with many prices, just fill in the price/strain information for one item on the menu.

If you represent a cannabis dispensary and would like to send us your menu and price list directly, please contact us and we can send you a private method to share your information with us.

We make every attempt to verify prices sent to us and review each submission manually before entering the data into the Thai Weed Price Tracker database so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see your submission in the database immediately.

The prices listed on Thai Weed Price Tracker are not an offer to buy or sell cannabis. The data merely is intended to inform buyers and sellers of cannabis as to the current market prices.


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