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Since Thailand legalized cannabis on June 9, 2022, the cannabis scene has exploded.

New dispensaries are popping up almost daily and the selection of cannabis products increases monthly.

thailandTHC has the largest and most extensive database of cannabis dispensaries in Thailand to help guide you to finding the right dispensary for you.

Below you can either search for a dispensary name, type in your location, or use the pull down menu of dispensaries to find what you’re looking for.

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Showing Cannabis Dispensaries in Thailand 1-25 of 809

Clouds – Weed Shop in Phuket Old Town


LV Cannabis Boutique – Weed Store in Patong / Phuket

Chief Weed Dispensary

LV Cannabis Boutique BKK – Weed Dispensary in Bangkok

Siam Green Cannabis Co Phrom Phong Weed Dispensary

Extix Premium Cannabis – Surin beach

Extix Premium Cannabis – kata beach

Candy land

Blow WeedLab

Blow Thailand Green Lanes Cannabis Boutique Weed

Blow Poco Loco

Blow Jomtien Weedshop Coffeeshop and Guesthouse

Blow Cozy Beach

BLOW Club Pattaya


Blow Apple

Zaza Weed Dispensary

Zaza Medical Pattaya (Premium Cannabis Dispensary)

WICHAI PAIPAR SHOP | Cannabis Ganja(Weed) Cafe & Dispensary

GreenRush Walking Street Pattaya



Green Island Pattaya – Weed shop walking street

Green House

Good Stuff

GEEN&FRIENDS Weed Cannabis Marihuana

Showing Cannabis Dispensaries in Thailand 1-25 of 809