Bangkok’s Strategy Against E-Cigarettes and Cannabis

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  • Why It Matters: Bangkok’s Governor expresses concern over youth addiction to e-cigarettes, cannabis, and kratom, highlighting the need for urgent action.
  • The Big Picture: The focus on youth addiction reflects broader concerns about substance abuse and its impact on society.
  • Zoom In: The shift from street vendors to registered shops for cannabis highlights regulatory changes and challenges.

BANGKOK, THAILAND – Bangkok Governor Chatchart Sitthiphan has raised significant concerns over the rising addiction among youth to e-cigarettes, cannabis, and kratom. In a recent statement, the Governor emphasized the urgent need for coordinated action from various agencies to address this growing problem.

Governor Chatchart’s remarks came after a seminar with experts from Chulalongkorn and Ramathibodi Hospitals, where it was revealed that the use of e-cigarettes among youth is alarmingly high. He pointed out that manufacturers are targeting young people, creating a worrying situation that demands immediate attention.

In response, the Governor has instructed educational, health, and medical departments to prioritize this issue and disseminate accurate information to schools and hospitals across Bangkok. This move signifies the city’s commitment to combating substance abuse among its younger population.

Focusing on cannabis, Governor Chatchart noted a shift from food truck-style vendors in Sukhumvit to more established shops with proper registration and licenses. This change reflects the evolving landscape of cannabis regulation in Bangkok. The Governor stressed the need to monitor these shops to ensure compliance with the law, highlighting the city’s efforts to regulate cannabis use within its legal framework.

The Governor’s statement underscores the importance of a multi-faceted approach to tackle youth addiction. It involves not only law enforcement and regulation but also education and public health initiatives. As Bangkok grapples with these challenges, the response of its institutions to the Governor’s call for action will be crucial in shaping the city’s approach to substance abuse among its youth.

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This article is based on reports from Bangkok Biz News and Manager Online.