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Are there enough dispensaries in your area?

Are there enough dispensaries in your area?

A recent poll on the r/CannabisThailand subreddit posed an intriguing question to its members: “If online ordering wasn’t an option, do you think the current number of dispensaries in your immediate area is adequate?” The poll, which saw participation from 129 members, yielded the following results:

  • Too many dispensaries: 40 votes (31%)
  • Just enough dispensaries: 23 votes (18%)
  • Could use a few more: 33 votes (25.6%)
  • Nowhere near enough: 33 votes (25.6%)

The cannabis scene in Thailand is as diverse as its islands, and this poll gives us a whiff of the sentiment. A whopping 31% feel there’s an overabundance of dispensaries, perhaps they’re tripping over them on their way to the local market? Meanwhile, a combined 51.2% believe their area is lacking, either wanting a few more or feeling there’s a severe drought of dispensaries. Only 18% feel the balance is just right, perhaps they’ve found their Goldilocks zone of cannabis shopping.

Comparing this to other polls about online cannabis shopping, it’s evident that while online shopping offers convenience, the physical presence of dispensaries plays a crucial role in the cannabis community’s shopping experience.

The r/CannabisThailand poll results provide a snapshot of the perception of cannabis dispensary availability in Thailand. Comparing these results with those from regions with more mature cannabis markets can offer insights into how market saturation, consumer demand, and regional distribution influence the perception of adequacy.