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Have you ever grown your own weed?

Have you ever grown your own weed?

The r/CannabisThailand subreddit was buzzing with a question that resonates with many cannabis enthusiasts worldwide: “Have you ever grown your own weed?” Here’s how the community responded:

  • Yes, successfully (64 votes): The green-thumbed growers, reaping the rewards of their hard work.
  • Yes, unsuccessfully (20 votes): The hopeful horticulturists, perhaps facing a few growing pains.
  • No, never (50 votes): The store-bought supporters, leaving the cultivation to the pros.
  • I’ve grown weed commercially (6 votes): The industry insiders, turning their passion into profit.

Growing cannabis is an art, a science, and sometimes, a lesson in patience. While many in the r/CannabisThailand community have tried their hand at cultivation, results vary. From the seasoned growers who’ve mastered the craft to the novices facing a steep learning curve, the journey of growing one’s own cannabis is unique. And for those who’ve never ventured into the world of cultivation? They’re content to let the experts handle the heavy lifting, ensuring they get top-quality product without the dirt under their nails.

In a similar poll from the r/trees subreddit, a larger proportion of respondents had tried growing cannabis, reflecting the broader acceptance and longer history of cultivation in regions like North America.

The r/CannabisThailand poll results provide a snapshot of the community’s experiences with growing cannabis. Comparing these results with those from regions with more mature cannabis markets can offer insights into how legalization, market development, and cultural factors influence consumer behavior.