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How old were you when you first smoked weed?

How old were you when you first smoked weed?

The r/CannabisThailand community held a poll asking members the age they first tried cannabis. The poll closed with 180 votes distributed as follows:

  • Pre-Teen or Teen: 139 votes
  • Twenties: 33 votes
  • Thirties: 5 votes
  • Forties: 0 votes
  • Fifties: 1 vote
  • Sixties or older: 2 votes

It appears that the majority of r/CannabisThailand’s green-thumbed voters were quite young saplings when they first sampled the herb, with a whopping 139 out of 180 confessing to their early bloom in their teen years. The twenties crowd, possibly busy with the hustle and bustle of adulting, trailed behind, while the thirties and up were just a sprinkle in the pot. It’s a clear sign that curiosity in cannabis often sprouts early, much like the urge to raid the fridge at midnight after partaking in the plant’s pleasures.

When we leaf through other polls and discussions on platforms like Leafly and High Times, we find a patchwork of opinions on the best age to start exploring cannabis. Some suggest waiting until the full bloom of adulthood, while others share tales of teenage experimentation. The consensus? It’s a personal journey, much like choosing between indica and sativa, or deciding whether pineapple belongs on pizza (a debate for another day).

The r/CannabisThailand poll results provide a snapshot of the age demographics when members first tried cannabis. Comparing these results with those from regions with more mature cannabis markets can offer insights into how legalization, market development, and cultural factors influence the initiation into cannabis use.