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Wake and Bake or Toke and Sleep?

Wake and Bake or Toke and Sleep?

In a fascinating poll from r/CannabisThailand, cannabis enthusiasts were asked about their favorite time to indulge: morning or night. The results from the poll, which attracted 162 votes, are as follows:

  • Wake and Bake: 20 votes (12.3%)
  • Toke and Sleep: 80 votes (49.4%)
  • Both: 62 votes (38.3%)

Ah, the age-old cannabis conundrum: to rise and shine with a puff or to drift into dreamland with a toke? Nearly half of the respondents are night owls, choosing to light up before bed. Perhaps it’s the allure of a peaceful night’s sleep or the perfect way to unwind after a long day. On the other hand, the morning enthusiasts, though fewer, swear by the energizing kickstart to their day. And then there’s the versatile group, the “both” category, who believe in enjoying the best of both worlds. Why limit yourself, right?

Drawing parallels with a previous poll on online cannabis shopping preferences, it’s evident that the cannabis community is diverse in more ways than one. Whether it’s shopping habits or consumption patterns, there’s no one-size-fits-all.

The r/CannabisThailand poll results provide a snapshot of the preferred times for cannabis consumption among the Thai community. Comparing these results with those from regions with more mature cannabis markets can offer insights into how cultural routines and personal preferences shape cannabis habits.