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What part of Thailand do you live in?

What part of Thailand do you live in?

A recent poll on r/CannabisThailand posed an intriguing question to its members: “What part of Thailand do you live in?” The results, gathered from a total of 173 votes, are as follows:

  • North / North West (Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Pai, etc): 23 votes
  • North East (Issan): 5 votes
  • Central (including Bangkok, Pattaya, etc): 53 votes
  • Islands (Phuket, Samui, etc): 34 votes
  • Deep South: 5 votes
  • I don’t live in Thailand: 53 votes

Source: r/CannabisThailand

Ah, the age-old question of where one hangs their hat in the Land of Smiles! The results are in, and it seems the bustling metropolis of Bangkok and its surrounding areas have the highest concentration of r/CannabisThailand members. No surprise there, given the allure of city lights and the convenience of urban living. But let’s not forget the serene islands, with Phuket and Samui drawing in a significant number. And of course, there’s a good chunk who are just here for the virtual ride, not residing in Thailand at all. Perhaps they’re daydreaming of tropical beaches and delicious street food?

Comparing this to other polls, it’s evident that urban areas, especially central regions like Bangkok, often have a higher concentration of cannabis enthusiasts. This could be due to easier access, more social events, or simply the urban lifestyle that attracts a diverse crowd. However, the islands aren’t lagging too far behind, suggesting a laid-back beach life might also be conducive to lighting up.

The r/CannabisThailand poll results provide a snapshot of where its members reside within Thailand. Comparing these results with those from regions with more mature cannabis markets can offer insights into how legalization, market development, and cultural factors influence consumer behavior.