From Bangkok to Nasdaq: Thai Cannabis Set for Global Recognition

By Thailand THC

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BANGKOK, THAILAND – A groundbreaking collaboration in Thailand’s cannabis industry is set to propel the country onto the global stage. Golden Triangle Health (GTH), in partnership with Siam Health Group and Pacific Cannovation Group (PACCAN), has announced its ambitious plan to advance Thai cannabis, including a significant milestone of registering in the Nasdaq stock market by June 2024.

Tom Julaphas Kreuasophon, the founder of GTH, a company renowned for its expertise in cannabis product development and research, expressed confidence in the future of Thai cannabis. He emphasized the importance of government policies in supporting the industry, particularly in medical tourism, which he sees as a mega trend for Thailand.

The collaboration aims to ensure that cannabis products are distributed correctly and safely, under the supervision of certified pharmacists and traditional Thai doctors. This approach aligns with the global trend of using cannabis for various health conditions, such as cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and insomnia, with many users confirming its effectiveness.

Suphajak Trairattanophas, CEO of PACCAN, highlighted their comprehensive services in the cannabis sector, including cultivation, extraction, and production facilities that meet the highest quality standards. The company’s commitment to safety and quality is evident in its pursuit of EU GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards and its readiness to welcome tourists for health-related trials of their products.

Dr. Saengsuk Pitiyanukool, Managing Director of Siam Health Group, shared that the collaboration stemmed from a mutual desire to promote cannabis as a safe and economically viable product. He stressed that cannabis is safer and less addictive than cigarettes and alcohol and can even treat conditions like cancer, contrary to causing it.

This partnership marks a significant step for Thailand in the global cannabis market. By focusing on high-quality, safe, and legally compliant products, Thailand is poised to become a leading country of origin for quality cannabis, benefiting both Thai farmers and the global community seeking health solutions.

This article is based on reports from Manager Online and Matichon Online.