Government Shifts Focus of Cannabis Policy Towards Health and Economic Advancement

By Thailand THC

Last updated on September 26th, 2023 at 08:19 am

BANGKOK – The Thai government has clarified its stance on cannabis, emphasizing its intention to harness the plant’s health and economic potentials rather than supporting unregulated recreational consumption. This was conveyed by Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister, Anutin Charnvirakul.

Charnvirakul, who previously held the position of public health minister and currently leads the Bhumjaithai Party, stated that the aim isn’t to promote unregulated usage of cannabis. He noted that during his previous tenure, a bill on cannabis regulation, which sought to capitalize on its medical, health, and economic benefits, was presented but unfortunately didn’t pass through.

Despite the setbacks, the Bhumjaithai Party is undeterred. They plan to reintroduce the bill in the current legislative session, standing firmly by the medicinal, health, and economic potentials of cannabis.

However, Minister Anutin expressed concerns regarding the ongoing debates which have muddled the true intentions behind cannabis legalization. To this end, he urged all parties to refrain from propagating misconceptions about the substance.

In related policy developments, the Ministry of Interior is keen on reintroducing the CEO Governor concept, aimed at streamlining provincial administration. This will position provincial governors as CEOs, intending to enhance the efficiency of local public services. The approach has garnered criticism, notably from the Move Forward Party, which sees it as centralizing rather than decentralizing power. Minister Charnvirakul has, however, expressed readiness to address these concerns and provide further clarification.