Health Minister Pressed to Clarify Cannabis Flower Regulations Amid Protests

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Last updated on June 24th, 2024 at 11:11 am

  • Driving The News: Deputy PM Anutin calls on the Health Minister to clarify regulations on cannabis flowers following public pressure.
  • Why It Matters: The regulation of cannabis flowers is a significant issue affecting both supporters and opponents of cannabis use.
  • The Big Picture: Ensuring comprehensive and transparent policies on cannabis is essential for addressing public concerns and fostering informed decision-making.

BANGKOK, THAILAND – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior ANUTIN CHARNVIRAKUL emphasized the need for the Ministry of Public Health to clarify regulations regarding cannabis, specifically focusing on the control of flowers. This call comes in response to recent pressures from cannabis support groups protesting in front of the Government House.

ANUTIN pointed out that the Ministry of Public Health must provide comprehensive explanations on the matter. “Listening to various perspectives is beneficial,” he said. “Last week, we saw opposition; this week, it’s about supporters. The Health Minister should have complete and comprehensive information from all sides, including academics, practitioners of Thai traditional medicine, alternative medicine, and modern medicine.”

When asked whether the Prime Minister should personally address the concerns raised by the cannabis support groups, ANUTIN clarified that the issue falls under the purview of the Narcotics Control Board. “Policy directives can be given, but they must be reasoned and considerate of all viewpoints,” he added.

Regarding rumors that the Ministry of Public Health might regulate only cannabis flowers, ANUTIN stated that this question should be directed to the Health Minister. “I am no longer in that role. My current responsibilities are within the Ministry of Interior,” he said.

The protest in front of the Government House is part of an ongoing debate on the regulation and use of cannabis in Thailand. Cannabis supporters are urging the government to adopt more liberal policies, while others call for stricter regulations to prevent misuse.

Contributing Sources: Thai News Agency