Health Minister Schedules Meeting with Cannabis Network to Discuss Regulation

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Last updated on June 25th, 2024 at 06:32 am

  • Driving The News: Health Minister Somsak Thepsuthin has scheduled a meeting with the Thai Cannabis Network to discuss the regulation of cannabis.
  • Why It Matters: The outcome of this meeting could significantly influence the future of cannabis legislation in Thailand.
  • The Big Picture: Advocates are pushing for cannabis to be regulated under a dedicated law rather than being classified as a narcotic.

BANGKOK, THAILAND – Health Minister SOMSAK THEPSUTHIN is set to meet with the Thai Cannabis Network at 3 PM today to discuss the future regulation of cannabis. This meeting comes after the network, led by PRASIT CHAI NOONWAL and AKKARADET JARKJINDA, staged a peaceful protest in front of the Government House, demanding that cannabis be regulated under a specific legislative framework rather than being reclassified as a narcotic.

The protest, which began on June 9, saw participants camping out near the Government House to express their opposition to any move that would return cannabis to the list of controlled substances. The network argues that such a reclassification would undermine the progress made in recognizing the medical and economic benefits of cannabis.

In a statement, Prasit Chai Noonwal emphasized the importance of this meeting. “We see this as a significant step forward. Our goal is to ensure that cannabis is regulated under a specific law that acknowledges its benefits. We invite everyone to join us in making history,” he said.

The network’s demands include the formation of a joint committee comprising public, academic, and governmental representatives to assess the scientific evidence on cannabis and develop appropriate regulations. They argue that the current legal framework is inadequate and fails to recognize the legitimate uses of cannabis in medicine and industry.

The health minister’s decision to engage in dialogue with the cannabis advocates is seen as a positive development. However, the network has made it clear that they will continue to push for their demands until a satisfactory resolution is reached. If the government fails to meet their demands, the network is prepared to escalate their protests and take legal action.

The outcome of today’s meeting could have far-reaching implications for cannabis regulation in Thailand. Advocates hope that the government will adopt a more progressive stance that balances public health concerns with the potential benefits of cannabis.

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