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Last updated on September 26th, 2023 at 08:36 am

“Highland: Thailand’s Marijuana Awakening,” is groundbreaking documentary three-part mini-series produced by Coconuts TV that was released on Netflix last year.

Hosted by Sebastian Perry, a Coconuts TV producer, Highland follows Perry’s travels throughout Thailand as he seeks to educate viewers on the history of marijuana/ganja, where things are today, and what the future of may hold.

It’s a very well-done documentary with each episode being about 20-minutes in length, which seems to allow the documentary to tell their story efficiently without falling into the trap of overdoing it.

For those that weren’t aware, Thailand has been growing and using marijuana for centuries and was once produced some of the finest cannabis in the world, commonly referred to as Thai Stick.

Thailand’s marijuana history is rooted in medicinal use and was a major ingredient in many traditional Thai medicines.

When the US put pressure on South East Asian countries to help in their drug war, marijuana became illegal, often with very harsh punishment for offenders, which pushed farmers into other types of crops and caused Thai growers and users into the underground.

The second episode focuses on Somyot Kittimunkong author of “Cannabis is Medicine for Cancer.” Somyot was a pioneer in Thailand and began opening up the eyes of people in the medical community that cannabis-based medicines had a valid use in treating certain illnesses and diseases.

The final episode focuses more on today’s underground marijuana culture with interviews with locals that are involved in the underground cannabis trade.

Beautifully shot and edited with short, easily digestible episodes, “Highland: Thailand’s Marijuana Awakening” is well worth taking a look at on Netflix.

A trailer for the documentary can be viewed on YouTube below.