Homeowner Warns Cannabis Thieves Caught on Camera

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A homeowner in Udon Thani, Thailand, has released CCTV footage as a warning after two young men were caught stealing cannabis plants from his property. The video, shared on the news page “Baan Pheu,” shows the two individuals sneaking into the property and breaking off branches from the cannabis plants, seemingly undeterred by the presence of the security camera. The incidents occurred on September 13th and 15th, 2023, at the Sri Samran residence in the Ban Pheu district.

On September 16th, reporters met with Ms. Kornkamon Prasatthakul, 40, the homeowner and owner of the CCTV footage. She guided them to the spot where the cannabis plants were grown and the camera was installed. Ms. Kornkamon explained that she had initially planted one cannabis tree to harvest leaves for her diabetic mother and sister. As the first plant’s leaves were almost depleted, she planted another, bringing the total to two plants.

Ms. Kornkamon recounted that on September 13th, she was alerted by her mobile phone’s security app due to movement detected by the CCTV. Upon checking, she saw two young men, one tall and slender wearing a short-sleeved shirt, long pants, and a full-face helmet, holding a long knife. The other, shorter in stature, wore a short-sleeved shirt, long pants, and a cap. They entered through the house gate and proceeded to cut the cannabis plants.

Two days later, on September 15th, the security app alerted her again. This time, the footage at 03:42 AM showed two young men, both wearing black short-sleeved shirts. One wore long pants and a black full-face helmet, while the other wore shorts and wielded a kitchen knife to cut the cannabis branches. Given that the intruders were armed, Ms. Kornkamon speculated that they might have had malicious intentions beyond just theft.

She addressed the thieves, saying, “If you had asked nicely, I would have given it to you. There’s no need to steal and damage my property. It’s something we could have discussed. If you continue this way, you might face trespassing charges or even get shot without realizing it.”