Mike Tyson Champions Cannabis Wellness in Thailand with TYSON 2.0

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  • Why It Matters: Mike Tyson’s entry into Thailand’s cannabis market with TYSON 2.0 underscores the global shift towards recognizing cannabis’s therapeutic benefits.
  • The Big Picture: This move aligns with Thailand’s progressive cannabis policies, offering a new model for cannabis business and advocacy in Asia.
  • What To Watch: Tyson’s venture could catalyze further international investment in Thailand’s burgeoning cannabis industry, shaping future regulations and market dynamics.

BANGKOK, THAILAND – Boxing legend and cannabis entrepreneur MIKE TYSON has officially brought his cannabis brand, TYSON 2.0, to Thailand, marking a significant milestone in the country’s cannabis industry. In partnership with Frost, a leading cultivator and supplier, TYSON 2.0 aims to introduce premium cannabis products to Thai consumers, blending quality with the therapeutic ethos.

Tyson, known for his illustrious boxing career and advocacy for cannabis, expressed his excitement about the venture. “Thailand’s rich history and its embrace of martial arts have always fascinated me. Now, I look forward to sharing the healing properties of cannabis with the Thai people,” Tyson stated.

The collaboration with Frost signifies TYSON 2.0’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the cannabis sector. Adam Wilks, CEO of Carma HoldCo, TYSON 2.0’s parent company, highlighted the strategic timing of the launch, given Thailand’s welcoming stance on cannabis and its potential as a major market in Asia.

Charles Hempfling, Frost’s COO, emphasized the partnership’s dedication to delivering an exceptional cannabis experience, respecting Thailand’s cultural heritage while introducing high-quality, innovative products.

TYSON 2.0’s product lineup, including prepackaged flower, pre-rolls, and the signature edible, Mike Bites, will be available across Thailand. The brand’s expansion reflects Tyson’s broader mission to change global perceptions of cannabis, advocating for its benefits in wellness and recovery, especially for athletes in combat sports.

As Thailand continues to evolve its cannabis policies, TYSON 2.0’s launch represents a forward-thinking approach to cannabis, blending business acumen with a genuine desire to promote wellness and understanding.

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