Thai Cannabis Proven Effective Against Brain Diseases

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  • Why It Matters: The acknowledgment of cannabis compounds in treating neurodegenerative diseases by U.S. institutions validates traditional Thai uses, challenging misconceptions.
  • The Big Picture: Cannabis has a historical significance in Thai culture that has been overshadowed by Western perspectives, labeling it as non-beneficial.
  • Driving The News: Dr. Teerawat Hemachutha highlights the potential of Thai herbal remedies, including cannabis, in contemporary medical practices.

BANGKOK, THAILAND – In a significant revelation that intersects traditional Thai herbal practices with modern medicine, Dr. Teerawat Hemachutha, a neurology specialist, emphasized the longstanding use of cannabis and hemp (locally known as ‘ganjong’ and ‘gancha’) in Thailand. These practices were historically dismissed under Western influences, which often portrayed Thai herbal remedies as inferior.

On his Facebook post, Dr. Hemachutha criticized the cultural overshadowing and pointed out how U.S. research institutions have now recognized that cannabis compounds can effectively combat neurodegenerative diseases. He stressed the importance of the active compound CBN in cannabis, which operates through mechanisms that could be crucial in treating such conditions.

The assertion by Dr. Hemachutha is not just a medical endorsement of cannabis but also a cultural reclaiming. He argued that Thai people have access to these herbs and should utilize them in a way that respects their cultural heritage and economic advantage over costly foreign drugs.