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Last updated on September 26th, 2023 at 08:27 am

We’ve compiled a list of resources you may wish to consult in researching marijuana/cannabis use in Thailand. These are websites/resources we have found useful in doing our own research and wanted to make them available to our users.

Thai Marijuana Resources (websites/research reports/data)

Cannabis CatalystsEnglishA European consulting firm focusing on cannabis in Asia.
Elevated EstateEnglishHeaded by Kitty Chopaka, Elevated Estate is a pro-marijuana advocacy organization that also organizes the Elevating Cannabis Expo
Government Pharmaceutical OrganizationEnglish/ThaiThe GPO is a main producer of THC and CBD cannabis products in Thailand
Highland NetworkThaiThe Highland Network was featured in the Netflix documentary on marijuana in Thailand, Highland: Thailand’s Marijuana Awakening. Highland serves as a pro-marijuana advocacy group.
Narcotics Import Request PermitEnglishFDA forms to request a permit to import narcotics and other controlled substances into Thailand. Currently CBD and THC are not listed in their database so there is no way to request a permit (but good site to keep checking)
Prohibition PartnersEnglishWorldwide data, research, and strategy consultant focusing on the cannabis industry.
Thai Cannabis CorporationEnglishWhile TCC is a commercial business investing in Thailand’s emerging medical marijuana industry, they also provide some helpful information on their website.
Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA)ThaiThe Thai FDA is the main government body that is in charge of oversight and licensing of food and drug products, including cannabis.
Thai Ministry of Public Health Medical Marijuana FactsThaiA great resource provided by the Thai Ministry of Public Health that gives details not only on clinics and the legal status of medical marijuana but also information about health related questions pertaining to medical cannabis usage.
Thai Ministry of Public Health Import Permit for TouristsEnglishWhile it does not seem you can obtain a permit at this time, we are watching this page for changes that will allow tourists to bring their cannabis medications to Thailand.
United Nations Office on Drugs and CrimeEnglish

The UNODC collects information on drug usage around the world.