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The Medical Cannabis Rules for Thais


Medical cannabis rules in Thailand seems to be a bit of a mystery for most of us foreigners, but we have been getting various reports indicating where to go and what the process is.  Today, we’re going to explore the …

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Thailand Cannabis FAQ


Is marijuana legal in Thailand? The short answer is that Thailand legalized the medicinal use of cannabis, including marijuana, in 2019. The longer is that it is complicated. In June of 2022, Thailand removed nearly all restrictions on the cannabis …

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Can Foreigners Get CBD or THC at a Thai Clinic?


UPDATE: July 22, 2020 Cannabis Activist and CEO of Elevated Estate, Kitty Chopaka, reached out to the Office of Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) who has been able to confirm that properly licensed private clinics are now authorized to offer cannabis …

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History of Marijuana in Thailand


While most discussion of cannabis in Thailand is focused on the recent legal changes, the history of marijuana in Thailand goes back much farther. Researchers believe that hemp may have been one of the first plants to be regularly cultivated …

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Dictionary of Cannabis Terms


Adult-Use The same as recreational use. Refers to the use of cannabis products without medically qualifying reasons. Atomizer The heating element in a vape pen which produces the vapor. Blunt A cigar that has been hollowed out and filled with …

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Misleading Cannabis News in Thailand


One of the things we quickly discovered in researching the cannabis laws in Thailand is that there was a lot of misleading cannabis news floating around. First off, before we even get started, we want to acknowledge the fact that …

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Thailand Marijuana Resources


We’ve compiled a list of resources you may wish to consult in researching marijuana/cannabis use in Thailand. These are websites/resources we have found useful in doing our own research and wanted to make them available to our users. Thai Marijuana …

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PM Prayut Uses Medical Marijuana Products at Event


Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha appeared at a launch for the government’s medical cannabis education website. Prayut reportedly took a few hits from a cannabis vaporizer pen and rubbed marijuana oil behind his ears in front of news media. The …

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SpaceX Will Deliver Cannabis to Space Station


Elon Musk’s SpaceX’s next International Space Station (ISS) resupply mission, schedule for March 2020, will include a very special delivery of cannabis from agri-tech company Front Range Biosciences in collaboration with SpaceCells USA Inc. and BioServe Space Technologies at the …

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Vaping Disease (EVALI/VAPI) Hits First Thai Patient


Critical care specialist, Dr. Manoon Leechawengwongs, of the Vichaiyut Hospital in Bangkok posted on Facebook that a 48 year old male lung cancer patient suffering from pneumonia and respiratory failure had been diagnosed with EVALI (electronic cigarette, or vaping product, …

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Ganja Festival 2020 to Be Hosted in Thailand


It has been announced that Thailand will serve as host for the first-ever World Ganja Festival in 2020. The event is designed to highlight the benefits of cannabis and promote Thailand as a leader in growing high-quality strains of marijuana. …

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Hemp Removed From Controlled Substances List


In an effort to promote the development of cannabis products for medical purposes, Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul has removed the seeds and oils extracted from some marijuana plants, particularly hemp, from the list of controlled substances. Hemp is classified …

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