Cannabis in Thailand: Drafting the Future of Regulation

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  • Why It Matters: Thailand’s new cannabis and hemp control bill is still in the drafting phase, highlighting the country’s cautious approach to cannabis regulation.
  • The Big Picture: The bill reflects Thailand’s efforts to balance the potential medical benefits of cannabis with concerns over recreational misuse.
  • Driving The News: Public Health Minister Cholnan Srikaew’s recent statements clarify the current status and intentions of the cannabis legislation.
  • What To Watch: The impact of the new bill on existing cannabis businesses and tourist attractions like Khao San Road.

BANGKOK, THAILAND – Public Health Minister Cholnan Srikaew recently clarified that the drafting of Thailand’s new cannabis and hemp control bill is still underway and has not yet reached the cabinet for approval. This announcement comes amidst growing interest and debate over the future of cannabis regulation in Thailand.

Dr. Cholnan emphasized that the bill is being crafted to support the principle that cannabis should be used primarily for medical purposes, as outlined in the prime minister’s policy statement to parliament. This approach is in line with Thailand’s cautious stance on cannabis, aiming to harness its health benefits while preventing recreational misuse.

The bill addresses the status of existing cannabis shops, which are currently allowed to operate as business establishments. Dr. Cholnan noted that the planned bill would focus on controlling the misuse of cannabis, rather than impacting these businesses directly.

However, the bill’s emphasis on medical use over recreational use has raised concerns among some stakeholders. Sa-nga Ruangwattanakul, president of the Khao San Road Business Association, pointed out that cannabis is a significant draw for foreign tourists visiting Khao San Road. He suggested that the government should consider declaring specific zones for cannabis, such as tourist areas, to balance the economic benefits with regulatory control.

As Thailand continues to refine its cannabis policy, the focus remains on ensuring public health and safety while exploring the medical potential of cannabis. The country’s approach serves as a model for balancing the benefits and risks associated with cannabis use.

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