CISW Announces Key Events to Boost Medical Cannabis Industry

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  • Why It Matters: The CISW Holding Group’s announcement of two major medical cannabis-focused events marks a significant step in promoting the business prospects and medicinal understanding of cannabis.
  • The Big Picture: These events, the CISW MedCann Investment Summit World (CMCI 2023) and CISW MedCann Festival International (CMCF 2024), aim to highlight investment opportunities and foster a positive perception of medical cannabis.
  • Zoom In: The CMCI 2023, set for December 20, will focus on B2B investment opportunities, while the CMCF 2024, scheduled for April 25-28, aims to promote a positive image of medical cannabis.

The CISW Holding Group, in collaboration with CISW International, CISW Green World, and CISW European Wellness World, has announced plans for two significant events focusing on medical cannabis. These events are designed to showcase business opportunities and enhance understanding of its medicinal uses.

The first event, CISW MedCann Investment Summit World (CMCI 2023), is scheduled for December 20 at the InterContinental Hotel. This summit aims to reveal B2B investment opportunities in the medical cannabis field. Jacky Ong, Chairman of CISW Holding Group, emphasized that CMCI 2023 would provide insights into the latest advances, new investment opportunities, and therapeutic breakthroughs in medical cannabis, positioning Thailand as a global hub for research and innovation in this area.

Following the summit, the CISW MedCann Festival International (CMCF 2024) will take place from April 25 to April 28 next year at Central Pattaya. This festival is intended to establish a more open and positive perception of medical cannabis, thereby reducing the stigma associated with its use.

These events represent significant steps in recognizing the importance and potential of medical cannabis and its numerous applications. They aim to contribute to a broader understanding and acceptance of this often-misunderstood plant, ultimately leading to increased investment and innovation in the field.

Minister of the Interior Anutin Charnvirakul firmly supports maintaining the existing medical cannabis policy as the new health minister takes office. He emphasizes that when used appropriately, cannabis offers substantial advantages to its users.