Phuket Police Intensify Campaign Against Magic Mushrooms

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Why It Matters: The ongoing police action in Patong, Phuket, against the illegal sale of magic mushrooms highlights the strict enforcement of drug laws in tourist areas.

The Big Picture: Patong Police have intensified their crackdown on the sale of ‘magic mushrooms’, a Category 5 narcotic, with multiple arrests made in a short span.

Driving The News: The recent arrest at the Weed Burger Shop on Bangla Road is part of a broader police campaign against drug sales in the area.

PATONG, PHUKET. In a recent development, Patong Police have continued their campaign against the illegal sale of magic mushrooms in the bustling tourist town of Phuket. A suspect was arrested late yesterday for selling these narcotics on Bangla Road, a popular nightlife area.

The arrest occurred at the Weed Burger Shop around 11:30 pm, as announced by the Patong Police on their Facebook page. The identity of the suspect has not been disclosed, but it was confirmed that he was taken to the Patong Police Station and charged with the joint sale and possession of a Category 5 narcotic without authorization.

This police action is part of a larger crackdown in the area. Earlier in the week, two vendors were arrested for similar offenses, highlighting the ongoing efforts by local authorities to combat drug sales in tourist hotspots. The seized drugs in the latest raid included a small bag of “buffalo manure mushrooms,” weighing approximately 3 grams.

The focus on magic mushrooms, a psychedelic drug known for its psychoactive properties, reflects Thailand’s stringent stance on narcotics, particularly in areas frequented by tourists. Magic mushrooms are classified as a Category 5 narcotic in Thailand, placing them in the same legal category as cannabis and kratom before their recent reclassification.