Elevating Wellness: Phuket’s Cannabis Cup Blends Health, Education, and Economy

By Thailand THC

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PHUKET, THAILAND – The 2nd Phuket Cannabis Cup, recently held at the picturesque BlueTree Water Park, marks a significant milestone in Thailand’s approach to cannabis. Organized by the Phuket Cannabis Association in collaboration with the Thai Cannabis Network, this event is not only Asia’s largest wellness festival featuring cannabis but also a testament to Thailand’s progressive stance on integrating cannabis into traditional wellness practices.

The festival’s objectives were multifaceted: to elevate global cannabis industry standards, educate the public on its advantages, and demonstrate its positive societal influence through sustainable initiatives. The event saw collaborations with local governments, health departments, Thai traditional medicine practitioners, and the local tourism infrastructure, receiving substantial support from industry businesses.

Economically, the festival anticipated boosting the local economy by 15 to 20 million baht, calculated based on the average expenditures of attendees. Additionally, the Phuket Cannabis Cup has contributed over 100,000 baht to local hospitals and charitable organizations across its two editions.

Looking forward, the association seeks support from the Tourism Authority of Thailand to further expand the event’s impact, aspiring to include it in the TAT’s annual calendar. The 2nd Phuket Cannabis Cup serves as evidence of Thailand’s evolving perspective on cannabis, amalgamating traditional medicine with contemporary wellness practices. It promises not only economic benefits but also aims to destigmatize cannabis usage and educate the public, including those not traditionally inclined towards cannabis.

As the event concluded, both attendees and organizers eagerly anticipated its continued growth, aspiring to witness even greater integration of cannabis into mainstream Thai wellness and medicine practices.

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