Thailand Embraces Cannabis for Holistic Health and Tourism Growth

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Why It Matters: Thailand is adopting a holistic wellness approach to utilize cannabis for boosting tourism and health.

The Big Picture: Cannabis is being redefined in Thailand from a narcotic to a health-benefiting herb, with potential to attract wellness tourism.

BANGKOK, THAILAND – Thailand is paving the way for a new era in wellness tourism by incorporating cannabis into its holistic health approach. Dr. Kampon Sriwatanakul, chairman of the Thailand National Charter of Health, emphasized the need for a comprehensive wellness strategy that includes cannabis for both medicinal and relaxation purposes. This initiative was discussed at the 4th CISW MedCann Investment Summit 2023.

Dr. Kampon highlighted the importance of focusing on physical, mental, and spiritual health in wellness tourism. He pointed out that while cannabis has valid use cases in this area, society requires a better understanding of the plant to prevent abuse and negative effects. He advocates for cannabis to be prescribed under medical supervision and calls for more research to enhance its health benefits.

Jacky Ong, founder and president of CISW Holding group and CISW Global Club Thailand, sees Thailand as a potential hub of holistic wellness. He stressed that cannabis, being an herbal plant with beneficial components, can significantly contribute to wellness applications. Ong emphasized the need for improved education in Thailand to maximize the benefits of cannabis.

The integration of cannabis into Thailand’s wellness tourism is not just about health benefits; it also holds economic potential. The move could attract foreign investment in cannabis farms and create job opportunities, contributing to the country’s economic growth.

In conclusion, Thailand’s approach to cannabis in wellness tourism represents a significant shift in perception and application, positioning the country at the forefront of innovative health and tourism strategies.

Source: Bangkok Post