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Bangkok Weed Prices

Cannabis has come a long way since its days as an illegal drug but Bangkok weed prices are another story. 

In Thailand, it’s now legal for medicinal use though the difference between medical use and recreational use is a fuzzy area under Thai law (the government says it’s only legal for medicinal use but there is no laws saying what the difference is between recreational and medicinal use). 

With legalization comes a whole new set of problems – like what to do about the price of weed. After all, if cannabis is legal, that means it’s subject to the same laws of supply and demand as any other commodity.

Unfortunately, the price of weed in Bangkok and throughout Thailand has remained higher than many cannabis lovers would like (isn’t that always the case?). 

Pre rolled joints can range from 100 baht to 300 baht with very little difference in quality. And what is considered exotic grade cannabis flowers in one marijuana dispensary may be quite ordinary strains back in the US or elsewhere where cannabis is legal. 

However, it should be noted that things seem to be improving on all fronts. 

Prices are stabilizing and even dropping a little, cannabis quality is improving, some dispensaries have begun testing their product, and knowledgeable budtenders are starting to become more common at the better dispensaries. 

Bangkok Weed Prices: Price Per Gram of Weed

The current price per gram of weed in Bangkok today is ฿435

This compares to the overall price weed price of ฿427 in Thailand.

The per gram price is based on taking pricing samples from online, storefront, and hybrid shops selling weed that are primarily based out of Bangkok. It includes all strains offered on a cannabis shops’s menu. 

The price is the average per gram price of weed strains over the most recent 30-day period. 

If you’re interested in getting prices on specific strains, you’ll want to check out our Weed Price Tracker where you can type in the name of a strain and it will show you all of the dispensaries that are selling that strain as well as what prices those dispensaries are selling for. 

The Supply vs Demand Problem in Thailand 

When cannabis was first legalized and the first cannabis dispensary opened, there was a rush of enthusiasm but lovers of the herb but people quickly began to balk at the prices some dispensaries were charging. 

Seeing mid-grade buds selling for 1,000 baht or more per gram produced a bit of sticker shock to many people who were expecting prices more comparable to the US. 

Everyone said it was a supply issue because cannabis had just been legalized and growers had not had enough time to produce enough quality cannabis flowers for the demand. 

But as each month has passed, and prices not falling as quickly as people had expected has made people wonder what the real problem is. 

Some have suggested that without a new cannabis law in place, serious investors are sitting on the sidelines. 

Perhaps with more investment we’ll see what a full vertically integrated cannabis startup can offer in terms of better pricing per gram to consumers. 

Other’s have speculated that there are too many small dispensaries buying from growers in small quantities and that this is creating artificial demand. 

As an example, one dispensary buying 10kg a month from a grower is going to get better pricing than 100 small dispensaries selling only 100g a month each.

We really don’t know the answer yet. But more investment in the Thai cannabis industry should help and some consolidation in terms of the number of small dispensaries would also, in theory, help. 

Quality Weed in Bangkok

Like everything, quality is in the eye of the beholder and the same holds true for quality buds. 

Some cannabis connoisseurs may find the quality of bud strains in Thailand to be lacking while regular old weed lovers are just fine with a killer strain that gets the job done but isn’t quite Cannabis Cup quality. 

Overall though, most cannabis users seem to be quite happy with the quality and selection available in Bangkok. 

Thailand is less about where one goes to find rare and exotic strains and more of a place people come to that simply want to smoke some good weed and enjoy the madness that is often Bangkok. 

One area where many people have voiced concerns is that there is no strict quality control measures in Thailand’s cannabis industry. 

Weed is sold straight from the farmer to the dispensary and very few dispensaries test product for THC/CBD content, heavy metals, or pesticides (yet). 

Most marijuana products in Thailand are labeled with the THC ranges given on popular strain database sites and have not been tested at any stage from seed to sale, so don’t expect to see any lab test reports except from some of the bigger dispensaries. 

Even if one goes to a medical grade cannabis dispensary, there’s not always a guarantee of the quality. It’s always best to ask questions. That’s what the staff is there for and they should be more than happy to assist. 

But it is certainly a step up from years past when guys would approach you on the islands and offer to sell thai stick joints of unknown quality. 

The Cannabis Dispensary Experience in Bangkok

When Thailand decriminalized cannabis in June of 2022, unlike many other countries, they did not have a set of rules in place to handle the transition from strictly illegal to legal. 

Almost overnight, you couldn’t turn around without running into someone selling weed. 

And if you wouldn’t go to a cannabis shop, a weed truck driver would come to you and park in high traffic areas as he sells weed like the ice cream man. You could even find buds, being sold by little old Thai ladies in grocery stores. 

Things have settled down since then but there’s still a bit of Wild West feel that makes it uniquely Thai. 

Weed shops nowadays can range from some guy selling some random top shelf weed from a shack on the side of the road to a premium cannabis boutique that reminds one of an Apple Store shopping experience. 

There’s also a vibrant community of online-only shops selling cannabis over LINE, Facebook, and Instagram. 

By a wide margin, Bangkok has more places selling weed than any other part of Thailand. And it has the majority of the nicest dispensaries you’ll find in the country. 

Most dispensaries, especially most of the nicer dispensaries, are located in the typical areas one might expect, Khao San Road, Silom, and Sukhumvit. 

But you can find a weed shop just about in any part of the city, from Nonthaburi to Bang Na. 

Some dispensaries have a smoking room and will either loan you or you can purchase smoking equipment. 

Not all dispensaries have top-notch budtenders but the more popular shops do have people to assist cannabis users. 

A good budtender can guide you through whether you should be looking at indica or sativa strains, indica dominant hybrid strains, sativa dominant hybrids, or a good old 50-50 indica to sativa blend based on the effects that you’re seeking. 

Want to sleep? Try an indica or one of the indica dominant hybrids. Looking for something that’s a little more uplifting and tickles your creative side, look at some of the excellent sativa dominant strains. 

Please remember that all dispensaries in Thailand comply with local rules that prohibit the sale of cannabis to pregnant women, women that are breast feeding, and anyone under the age of 20 years old. 

Finding the Best Prices For Cannabis in Bangkok

thailandTHC has already done a bit of the work for you. Below you’ll find the weed shops that have the lowest average price in Thailand. 

Though some of the shops on the list are not in Bangkok, most deliver nationwide so you can place and order and have it delivered in the next 24 – 48 hours. 

These dispensaries carry top quality cannabis flowers and have earned a good reputation in the cannabis community. 

If you’re a local, ordering should be no problem as locals typically have a Thai bank account. However, for tourists and visitors to Thailand, you may want to ask them if they can deliver COD (cash on delivery) so you can pay in cash when the package arrives. Not all shops do that, but some do. 

If nothing on our list thrills you or you’re looking for something specific, use our weed map and search through all of the dispensaries available in your area. 

Or you can search for any criteria like whether or not they carry pre rolled joints or have private smoking rooms. 

Even if you just need to find the nearest dispensary to you, you can search by proximity too. 

If you’re new to cannabis you may want to stick with a dispensary with a storefront location so you can work with and help you with all your weed needs. And with so many dispensaries to choose from, make sure that you find a budtender that really listens to what you need and doesn’t just try to push the strain of the day. 

If you’re more comfortable and know your way around the various strains available, you can often find better pricing with online shops. 

Typically, if you’re buying online in Thailand, you’ll need the LINE app. That’s where most dispensaries publish their menus and take orders. 

Dispensary Average Price # of Prices ฿162 13
Green Bank ฿314 9
Harweed Moon ฿327 13
BKKBuds ฿355 6
Fat Buds ฿393 42
World Wide Weed ฿482 15
Dr. Green ฿489 8
Highland Cafe ฿521 7
Thai Top Shelf ฿722 9
Siam Green Cannabis Co ฿725 8

These are 10 of the most popular shops selling cannabis flowers in Bangkok. For a full list of cannabis shops in Bangkok, please see our weed map where you can search the largest database of dispensaries in Thailand. 

These dispensaries are in no particular order. This is a sample of the Bangkok dispensaries that have received the most search traffic on our site and have a good reputation in the local cannabis community. 

Any of the prices below are for one gram of cannabis and are an average of all prices the dispensary has published within the last 30-days. 

Highland Cafe

Bangkok Weed Prices: Highland Cafe
Photo from Highland Cafe

Highland Cafe Average Price Per Gram: ฿545

Highland Cafe has quickly become the standard bearer for cannabis dispensaries. 

The team behind Highland have been cannabis advocates for many years and were featured in the documentary “Highland: Thailand’s Marijuana Awakening” that was produced by Coconuts TV and was released on Netflix. 

The documentary focuses on Thailand’s historical and (at the time) underground cannabis culture. Many people forget that cannabis was once a traditional medicine used by Thais both in healing and in food. 

The film highlights the fact that cannabis is a important part of Thai culture and the two aren’t easily separated. 

Highland has also been putting on the annual Highland 420 Cannabis Festival for many years now. 

Highland Cafe offers good pricing and a nice selection of locally grown weed. You can find this weed seller located in the Lat Phrao area. 

Highland Cafe


Photo from Sukhumweed

Sukhumweed Average Price Per Gram: ฿ PRICE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

Founded by Soranut “Beer” Masayavanich who was a child-actor in his youth, Sukhumweed is really a an entire story of making the best of a bad situation. 

After Beer was busted for marijuana possession nearly 20-years ago, he was blacklisted from the industry. 

Now, he’s the owner of one of the top marijuana dispensaries in Bangkok. 

How times have changed. 

The shop owns three of its own grow operations in the Nong Khai area so they have eliminated the middle man on their own cannabis products and they sell Thai strains starting at ฿250 and all of the classic strains are higher prices. 


N’Louis Happy Buds

Photo from N’Louis Happy Buds

N’Louis Happy Buds Average Price Per Gram: ฿ PRICE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

N’Louis is probably best known for their distinctive weed trucks that pop in at set locations and dealing buds like a food truck to happy weed enthusiasts. 

They also have an online store selling the same products they carry on their trucks. 

N’Louis Happy Buds

Four Twenty

Photo from FourTwenty

Four Twenty Average Price Per Gram: ฿ PRICE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

Four Twenty aims to be your one stop weed shop. 

Their first two shops, one on Sukhumvit Soi 22 and the other on Asoke are in prime locations and have helped them build a reputation with customers. 

They also host clinics on how to roll joints and rooftop parties so they can mingle and get to know their customers. 

They also have a smoking area for customers to try out their purchases which is very convenient for tourists concerned about smoking laws in Thailand. 

Four Twenty

Choo-Choo Hemp

Photo from Choo-Choo Hemp

Choo-Choo Hemp Average Price Per Gram: ฿244

Choo-Choo is a favorite of many Bangkokonians as well as visitors. 

They sell everything from Thai stick joints to exotic buds. They also carry an impressive selection of smoking gear. 

People often rave about how friendly the staff is and the fact that they have a smoking area for customers to enjoy recently purchased products. 

Choo-Choo Hemp


Photo from Cannabangka

Cannabangka Average Price Per Gram: ฿ PRICE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

Cannabangka bills itself as vertically integrated dispensary with their own 400-square meter pesticide-free indoor grow facility with a capacity to grow up to 500 plants at a time. 

Cannabis seeds are imported and then grown in their climate controlled environment, meaning that they can deliver great quality weed at at affordable prices. 

They also carry other cannabis strains grown locally but they put those products through the same quality control as they do their own products. 

Cannabangka has two locations, their Ramkhamhaeng location and the convenient downtown bangkok location in Sathorn. 


Tenderloin Weed

Photo from Tenderloin WEED

Tenderloin Weed Average Price Per Gram: ฿ PRICE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

Tenderloin Weed is a cool dispensary selling premium buds at affordable prices. They have a young and energetic vibe in their shop but welcome people of all ages. 

Tenderloin Weed

Mary Jane Bangkok

Photo from Mary Jane Bangkok

Mary Jane Bangkok Average Price Per Gram: ฿ PRICE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

You can’t really miss Mary Jane if you’re in the Nana area. With bright neon lights and a welcoming feel, Mary Jane is quickly becoming a Bangkok favorite. 

They are also one of the few dispensaries that are offering customers a certificate of analysis so customers can feel confident that they’re getting quality buds. 

Mary Jane Bangkok

Thai Cannabis Club 

Photo from Thai Cannabis Club

Thai Cannabis Club Average Price Per Gram: ฿ PRICE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

Thai Cannabis Club currently has three locations spread around Bangkok and another one in Pattaya. 

Their most well known is probably the Nana store in front of the Nana Hotel and across the street from Nana Plaza. 

The second location is near Soi Cowboy and the third is on Sukhumvit Soi 7. They are known for carrying high quality cannabis flowers. 

Thai Cannabis Club

Greenhead Clinic Khao San Road 

Photo from Greenhead Clinic

Greenhead Clinic Average Price Per Gram: ฿ PRICE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

Greenhead Clinics are located in both Phuket and Bangkok and are a premium medical cannabis dispensary without the premium prices. 

Most Greenhead clinics focus on the medicinal benefits of cannabis flowers rather than just getting high (but everyone is welcome). 

It’s definitely worth checking out if you are seeking true medical marijuana. 

They’re not quite a true medical clinic but they’re pretty close. 

Greenhead was growing before legalization for sale to the government so they have a lot of experience producing their own medical grade cannabis. 

Greenhead Clinic Khao San Road

Smoking Weed in Bangkok

One of the first constraints on cannabis after legalization was the prohibition on smoking cannabis in public. 

The most important thing for visitors to Thailand to keep in mind is that this is a public health and public nuisance law, not a cannabis law. 

In other words, you wouldn’t be in trouble because it’s cannabis, you be in trouble because the oder is offensive to others. 

In fact, it’s not even a new law. It’s the same law that was in place for tobacco smoking and was just repurposed to include weed. 

And most locals were fine with that because locals have a place to enjoy cannabis, their homes. 

Tourists normally stay at hotels where smoking of anything is not allowed. 

So how do tourists smoke weed in Thailand? 

The first thing to keep in mind is that the law says that one’s smoking has to be offensive to someone else. 

Unfortunately, many people in the media incorrectly reported that there’s a total ban on smoking cannabis in public, which is not the case. 

It becomes a crime when someone smoking weed offends someone with their smoke. 

In theory, one could smoke a joint on the sidewalk outside of the local police station and nothing would happen to them as long as nobody filed a complaint. 

The golden rule for smoking weed in Thailand is: Use common sense. 

It’s really that simple. 

If you’re standing on a beach and there isn’t another soul around for 1,000 meters, enjoy that joint. Nobody is going to smell it and nobody is going to complain to the police. 

On the other hand, if you’re standing at the intersection of Asoke and Sukhumvit and there are dozens of people near you, you should probably wait for a better place to toke up. 

If you don’t want to worry about any of that, just ask a local dispensary owner where you can smoke. 

Some places allow smoking in or around their business while others have a rooftop smoking lounge where customers can enjoy their purchases. 

If you want to find which dispensaries allow for smoking on or around the dispensary, we have a list of smoking friendly dispensaries


Highland Cafe


N’Louis Happy Buds

Four Twenty

Choo-Choo Hemp


Tenderloin WEED

Mary Jane Bangkok

Thai Cannabis Club

Greenhead Clinic