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Phuket Weed Prices

Are you planning a trip to the stunning island of Phuket, Thailand? If so and you’re looking for some high-quality weed while you’re there, then look no further. Cannabis is abundant throughout all parts of the island and we have all the info you need on Phuket weed prices so you know you’re getting a good price.

The variety of cannabis available in Phuket is almost as impressive as the beaches. From potent Sativa strains to mellow Indicas, there’s something for everyone. Whether you prefer smoking joints or taking big old bong rips – it can all be found here.

The consumption and possession of cannabis is now legal in Thailand for medicinal purposes. Though, medicinal use hasn’t been defined very well by the Thai law. At the moment there is no difference between medicinal and recreational use under the law which means there are few restrictions on recreational use.

As with most new marijuana markets, Phuket weed prices have been in fluctuation since cannabis was legalized in Thailand on June 9, 2022.

Prices trended higher at the beginning of legalization as growers caught up with demand but we’ve begun to see some oversupply in the market and prices have been dropping accordingly.

Still, for many tourists coming from both legal and restricted markets, the prices may be a little surprising compared to what they may be used to.

Phuket Weed Prices: Price Per Gram of Weed

Are you looking for the best weed prices in Phuket? Phuket weed prices of marijuana vary from place to place and can be expensive in some locations.

It is important to know what the going rate of weed is so that you don’t get ripped off by a bad deal. Here we will discuss Phuket weed prices and provide an estimate of how much you can expect to pay per gram.

The cost of purchasing marijuana in Phuket depends on many factors such as quality, quantity, and location. Generally speaking, if you use our weed price tracker you can rest assured you’re getting a decent deal even if prices may be slightly higher than you might be used to paying back home.

It’s important to keep in mind that not only is Phuket one of the most expensive provinces in Thailand (rivaled only by Bangkok) but tourism is mostly concentrated on the west coast of the island and prices tend to be higher along the entire west coast.

The prices you find in places like Patong may be higher than average because weed prices in the Patong area tend to be higher than non-tourist areas of the island.

The current price per gram of weed in Phuket today is ฿422

This compares to the overall price weed price of ฿406 in Thailand. 

The per gram price is based on taking menu prices from online, storefront, cannabis cafes, and hybrid shops selling weed that are primarily based out of Phuket. We sample Phuket weed prices of all buds sold by the dispensary.

The price is the average per gram price of weed strains over the most recent 30 – 60 day period. 

The Supply vs Demand Problem in Thailand

Thailand’s approach to legalisation was very different from most other countries. On June 8, 2022 cannabis in Thailand was an illegal Category 5 narcotic with a mandatory minimum sentence of 5-years in prison and on June 9, 2022 just about anyone could buy and get high.

Because things opened up so quickly, Thailand’s cannabis market didn’t have time to prepare.

There was also a bit of opportunistic price gouging going on as well but we’ll focus mostly on the supply and demand part of the problem.

For the first few weeks after Thailand decriminalized, some places were selling buds for 1,000 baht or more and other shops were selling the same strain for less than half that price.

Even growers didn’t know what to set their prices at since there were so many shops popping up and they were so desperate to get cannabis products in their stores that they were overpaying which caused other growers to see what they could sell for and holding out for higher prices.

Things became so problematic that many cannabis dispensaries started to import marijuana into Thailand, which was illegal but many shops openly advertised their weed was imported without visits from the police so imported California and Canadian weed became a hot commodity in Thailand.

But, like every other legalized market, the market began to settle down. New dispensary openings slowed as people saw markets get oversaturated and more growers entered the market and began growing to a quality standard international customers might be more used to (indoor, organic, hydroponics, etc).

Phuket weed prices may rise and fall from here but the initial supply and demand problem seems to be resolved.

Quality Weed in Phuket

The quality of weed in Thailand is surprisingly good. It may not be ready to take home any Cannabis Cups quite yet but Thai growers have learned quickly and it seems like every month the quality improves and the prices come down.

Finding quality weed in Phuket shouldn’t be a problem. Outside of Bangkok, Phuket has more cannabis dispensaries than any other part of the country. Some might even say too many.

Combined with delivery available from across the country delivered straight to your hotel room, you can find just about anything you want in every quality and price range on Phuket island.

If you buy weed in Phuket, you’ll find everything, including indicas, sativas, hybrids, exotics, and even good old Thai Stick.

The Cannabis Dispensary Experience in Phuket

Most dispensaries carry a decent selection of cannabis related smoking accessories. You can find papers, bongs, pipes, grinders, and lighters at most dispensaries.

Several dispensaries also specialize in medical cannabis treatment and have a physician on staff that can diagnose and prescribe medical marijuana for everything from chronic pain to anxiety.

While, Thai law states that any cannabis extract containing more than 0.2% THC is still considered a Category 5 narcotic, most dispensaries also sell edibles, which are made with cannabis extracts. Don’t ask how they get away with selling space cookies but it’s difficult to find a dispensary that doesn’t carry some form of ganja edible.

Thailand recently prohibited online sales of cannabis but it’s not entirely clear yet if this includes delivery services offered by storefront dispensaries or if they’re allowed to continue to do cannabis delivery to existing customers.

Since a license to sell is now required to sell weed legally, and licenses are not being offered to online-only businesses, this may only be enforced for online dispensaries.

A shame if that is the case because online sellers often have the best prices.

Finding the Best Prices For Cannabis in Phuket

Finding the best prices for cannabis in Phuket is very easy. If you use our weed price tracker you can see what prices are being charged not only around Thailand but specifically what dispensaries are charging in Phuket.

Simply type in the name of a strain you’re interested in (for example OG Kush) and we’ll pull up a list of dispensaries that carry that strain and tell you what they’re charging.

There are so many cannabis dispensaries in Phuket that nobody should be overpaying for weed.

Greenhead Clinic (Rawai, Nai Harn, Phuket Town, Chalong, Kamala, Bang Tao/Choeng Thale)

Photo from Greenhead Clinic

Greenhead Average Price Per Gram: ฿ PRICE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

Greenhead was one of the first weed shops on Phuket to open following legalization. They advertise themselves as “a Thai traditional medical clinic registered legally for the use of hemp and cannabis in health care.” They are very knowledgeable about cannabis for use in medical treatments but they also sell to anyone so feel free to come in and check out their inventory of fragrant buds. They also sell an extensive line of CBD products in addition to the more traditional 420 offerings. With locations all over the island, there’s always one near you.

Greenhead Rawai, Greenhead Nai Harn, Greenhead Phuket Town, Greenhead Chalong, Greenhead Kamala, Greenhead Bang Tao/Choeng Thale


Photo from Growloand

Growland Average Price Per Gram: ฿665

Growland is both a great place for buying cannabis as well as a growing supply shop where you can find everything from seeds to grow tents and lighting. Their location is massive for a weed shop and is split up into sections. In one area you’ll find a traditional weed store where you can buy well-known and exotic strains. The rest of the location is dedicated to clones and growing supplies, You really can’t miss visiting Growland.


Phuket High

Photo from Phuket High

Phuket High Average Price Per Gram: ฿ PRICE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

Phuket High is off the beaten path for most tourists but if you find yourself down in the heart of Rawai, it’s worth checking this tasty little place out. They have one of the better selection of buds on the island and even offer a frequent buyer program.

Phuket High

Ducky Kush

Photo from Ducky Kush

Ducky Kush Average Price Per Gram: ฿ PRICE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

Ducky Kush has two locations, one in Phuket Town and the other is right across the street from the police station in Chalong. Both location also have a barber/salon but as soon as they rip open the lid on one of the jars in the back, you’ll know you’re in a weed shop. They have an excellent selection of buds at great prices and the staff is really very friendly.

Ducky Kush Phuket Town

Juicy Buds Phuket

Photo from Ducky Kush

Juicy Buds Phuket Average Price Per Gram: ฿ PRICE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

Juicy Buds is in the Patong area and is part of a chain of dispensaries. They are a top-notch operation and have an amazing selection of top-shelf buds.

Juicy Buds Phuket

Smoking Weed in Phuket

One of the first cannabis laws passed after legalization was making smoking marijuana in public the same as smoking cigarettes in public. Both are now covered under Thailand’s public nuisance laws.

That means that if someone complains about the smell, you will receive a warning. If you do not heed the warning, police can arrest and fine you.

This has obviously not been great for tourists who are often staying at hotels that do not permit cannabis smoking in their rooms.

But recent changes to the law now allow dispensaries with a qualified medical professional on staff to allow smoking on their premises.

Also, just a note to be aware that vaping marijuana in Thailand is considered illegal. The law was originally passed years ago to prevent young people from smoking e-cigs and vaping nicotine but the government has not given any clear direction as to whether or not dry herb vapes are legal since they don’t involve extraction of THC or cannabinoids from the plant.